Un petit collection

June 14, 2010

My sinful accumulation within a span of 3 months. I’m so sorry you could see my gross toe prints on my shoes :/ I do not follow trends blindly; these shoes depict my style and what I love. So again, I’m not trying to be some knowitall, but just would love sharing my buys with you guys : D

By far my best buys were my Charles and Keith suede black wedges and Zara blue suede shoes. Just prancing in them made me feel so much better during my exams.

Just wondering where the hell do I wear them to in Singapore.

I just love how my Zara shoes further elongate and calves and create this illusion of really dainty and perfectly shaped feet.

My Charles and Keith wedges that cost $49.90. I purchased it when I was stressed studying. This is a proper reason okay, please do not judge me..

I like how the jet black suede material contrasts against my pale skin. This would be a time I applaude CK for making my $49.90 a well-worth one.


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