We are 3 Singaporean girls who are good friends and happen to share the same passion for shoes. Being shoe lovers, all of us strongly agree with the fact that Singapore does not have a wide (enough) range of shoe designs, and something needs to be done about that. Immediately.

Hence we decided to start this shoe blog, sharing with the shoeaholic community our opinions on everything about shoes that we can think of!

It can be anything from us spotting awesome shoe looks that compliments a particular outfit (or vice versa is possible too), to shoes we think are hideous and should not ever be seen on the streets at all, latest shoe designs (from high street fashion to the local community sprees/blogshops), etc.

You name it, we probably have it. We think.

So, if you’re a shoeaholic like us, come join us in these discussions! You never know how your two cents worth may change our opinions on a particular pair of shoes.

Or even better! Share with us shoe designs that you think is/are hot, and what is/are not. The more, the merrier!


You would also notice that we make up of 3 very different individuals – personality wise, and shoe-sense wise. Let’s see:

verynice’s shoe sense: Your typical girl-next-door, with a very girly taste in her choice of shoes. Mary janes and flats with ribbons, in pink, champagne and white… Yes, you get the drift.

mt’s shoe sense: Has a major obsession with high street fashion numbers that come with towering heels, although knowing very well that she will not be able to walk far in them.

dawn’s shoe sense: Comfort level ABOVE ALL. Enough said.

Also, check out our humble opinions on the shoes in Singapore at Our Shoe Attitude page! Feel free to leave comments if you agree/disagree with us, the more comments, the better! Don’t be shy! 🙂




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