If you think Imelda Marcos is ridiculously rich and crazy to own 3,000 pairs of heels (I mean, this is what she is famous for after all), check this out:

Danielle Steel (famous romance novelist if you don’t already know) owns over 6,000 pairs of freaking Christian Louboutins heels. Read full article here.

Six. Thousand. Pairs.

That’s even more ridiculous!!! Where do these women get the money from anyway?? Yes okay fine given that they are rich ladies but, really, 6 thousand pairs?! Is that really necessary?!

Damn I wished I had that kinda money to own at least 1,000 pairs of shoes. Then my walk in shoe wardrobe dream will come true, like how SJP has hers in Sex and the City! It is unofficially every girl’s dream.

Well, I’m not really into Christian Louboutin heels. I’ll even admit I don’t know them well, and I don’t get the craze over them. They’re luxury shoes that are way beyond my range. Plus, the designs are more suited for women who attend dinners/galas or for red carpet glamour.

So if you come across any nice Loubous or own any of them, do share them with me! 🙂