Marielle @ Gripz

May 20, 2010

Have been fascinated and in love with this pair of gorgeous wedges from Gripz for the longest time ever, particularly the black pair:

I never fail to walk into whichever Gripz outlet I pass by and ask the sales girl “Hi, can I have this in size 39, please!” with a silly grin on my face.

For those times that I managed to get to try on my size at the outlets, I always told myself “No, you won’t wear it. It’s so freaking high and you’ll be towering every other Singaporean girl if you wear this. Save the $80!”

So until the day came when I couldn’t resist no more, they ran out of my size!!!??? ):

Sales girl told me it was because this design was featured in several magazines before, hence the popularity of it. Well, shouldn’t they bring in more sizes then? I mean, since its oh-so-popular?

Girls who own this pair out there, consider yourself super lucky you managed to snag a pair!

Credits to Gripz


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