I heart Miu Miu chunks

April 19, 2010

Short follow up from my last post on Miu Miu’s platform printed chunks – I swear I see them everywhere on fashion blogs.

Here’s one from Pandora in flower prints:

Find these lovelies (in cat prints too!) here, here, and here.

They probably can be found in tons of other fashion blogs, if you ever find some please share (!), but these are some of the blogs I stalk more often than not. : D

Really wished I had my own pair!



April 6, 2010

I’m sure most girls who are into fashion and street photography will probably already know about Fashion Toast. I like Rumi Neely’s dress sense simply because she’s daring, believes in her own style and above all, she can carry it off well!

I kinda like the way she is able to carry off those chunky platform heels. These are shoes which I don’t see very often in Singapore (yet). Perhaps the height of the heels is pretty intimidating for starters? And the tropical weather doesn’t really help either.

Plus I think you really need to know what you are wearing here in Singapore to match these heels in order for people to stare at you for the right reasons.

Some of her recent pics up on her blog which I think are pretty neat:

Not a big fan of prints, but I thought this pair of Miu Miu platform chunks on Net-a-Porter was kinda cute! Sparrow prints!

Your take?