April 6, 2010

I’m sure most girls who are into fashion and street photography will probably already know about Fashion Toast. I like Rumi Neely’s dress sense simply because she’s daring, believes in her own style and above all, she can carry it off well!

I kinda like the way she is able to carry off those chunky platform heels. These are shoes which I don’t see very often in Singapore (yet). Perhaps the height of the heels is pretty intimidating for starters? And the tropical weather doesn’t really help either.

Plus I think you really need to know what you are wearing here in Singapore to match these heels in order for people to stare at you for the right reasons.

Some of her recent pics up on her blog which I think are pretty neat:

Not a big fan of prints, but I thought this pair of Miu Miu platform chunks on Net-a-Porter was kinda cute! Sparrow prints!

Your take?



If you think Imelda Marcos is ridiculously rich and crazy to own 3,000 pairs of heels (I mean, this is what she is famous for after all), check this out:

Danielle Steel (famous romance novelist if you don’t already know) owns over 6,000 pairs of freaking Christian Louboutins heels. Read full article here.

Six. Thousand. Pairs.

That’s even more ridiculous!!! Where do these women get the money from anyway?? Yes okay fine given that they are rich ladies but, really, 6 thousand pairs?! Is that really necessary?!

Damn I wished I had that kinda money to own at least 1,000 pairs of shoes. Then my walk in shoe wardrobe dream will come true, like how SJP has hers in Sex and the City! It is unofficially every girl’s dream.

Well, I’m not really into Christian Louboutin heels. I’ll even admit I don’t know them well, and I don’t get the craze over them. They’re luxury shoes that are way beyond my range. Plus, the designs are more suited for women who attend dinners/galas or for red carpet glamour.

So if you come across any nice Loubous or own any of them, do share them with me! 🙂


DKNY Spring 2010

March 25, 2010

As I mentioned before I don’t know much about designer brands, but recently I’ve been pretty intrigued by runway fashion so I’ve been spending time looking up articles and galleries of the recent Fall/Spring 2010 fashion show collections.

They are all pretty cool stuff, but in this post I’d like to share a designer brand that I’m pretty sure most people are familiar with – DKNY.

DKNY RTW Spring 2010 – I know most would probably focus on the apparels, which had a clean, sharp look, and tons of floral prints (which till date I find hard to carry off), I thought the shoes were quite a delightful sight.You may check out the apparel collection via the link, cos I’m just gonna talk about the shoes I like here!!

Just mainly 2 designs, but in different shades of colour.

First design that got my attention:

I am not a fan of strappy stuff but what caught my attention was the vibrant combination of colours of the straps! The design is simple, but the colours helped to nail THE look for this pair of shoes. What do you think?

The same design in other lovely colour combinations:

Second design that stopped me at hello:

No prize for guessing why this caught my attention!

Again, I am not a fan of pointed heels simply because they remind me of a witch. Plus, it isn’t very comfortable. I don’t own a pair, but I don’t really need to have a pair to tell that pointed heels are plain tortourous. Pity my toes, having to squeeze into that tiny miserable triangular area. How do OLs even walk around in this kinda shoe anyway? Blisters much?

That’s besides the point.

Look at the design of it. So simple yet classy at the same time, no? I am truly amazed at the difference a thick strap across from the head of the shoe joined to back can do to the look of a pair of pointed heels (that I’ve always boycotted). Plus, the outfit was matching! This shoe actually convinces me that not ALL pointed shoes are just… witchy. Lol.

Same design in classic black and pale grey:



Pic credits to:

While browsing through some shoe blogs, I saw some images of runway shoes that got my attention… for the wrong reasons.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010

I just don’t get the socks with heels trend. Do you like it? I don’t!

It is just plain weird and awkward! Plus those socks look thick.. what happens if my shoe fits me just nicely and no more room left for the thick socks?

Maybe in Europe/USA people find this acceptable but I doubt Singaporeans will agree. If you wear your shoes this way you’ll prolly get stared at on the streets, for the wrong reasons of course.

But I am not saying Singaporeans CANNOT pull off this trend. Some can, I think. But it depends because everybody’s look is subject to perspective. And since everyone has an opinion on everything…

I saw this look on LookBook, thought it was pretty decent. She could carry off this high socks with shoes.. mm, not too bad.You can check out her other looks via the link.

Quirky, yes. Cute, yes (the hat made the look cute). I won’t say the shoes made the outfit, but yeah, pretty decent.

Ok I am guessing students from LaSelle and NAFA has already tried this look and I believe I am right. Whether or not they managed to pull it off… Well, haven’t seen any on the streets who could. But then again not many are trying this look out to start with…

Long story short, I guess you got to have the right physique & apparel to even want to try this look here in Singapore. Else, you’re just gonna be talk of the town man!


I think designer shoes are pretty. Well, some of them. Ain’t a big fan though, cos their prices are just wayyyyyyyyyyyy too high.

Then again, that’s why they are called designer shoes. The branding really does make a difference huh.

Honestly I am not all that exposed to all that designer runway shoes, am still learning about their design range from season to season. Here’s something I stumbled upon from Valentino’s Ready to Wear 2010 Collection (my first time looking at Valentino’s range btw!) – although I am not a super big fan of lace, I still think its mad ass chio so I wanted to share it!

Those embellishments look pretty coral-shaped, like those you find in Nemo’s nest!

Looks kinda flimsy on the runway and it kinda looks like seaweed don’t you think? But still, very pretty… especially the beige one, only because I am into nude shades recently lol.

Picture below is the retail version of it, and it’s called the Sculpture Lace Pump.

BUT. One big setback – it cost freaking USD4,700!!??

Well yes, erm, the shoe is really pretty but I definitely won’t pay near USD5k for that! Totally out of the question please!

Source: Shoeblog

Wedgie Talk

March 11, 2010

I’m super pleased with my purchases at Charles and Keith annual warehouse sale today! I know it’s probably not the latest look, but I managed to get a pair of nude brown suede low-cut booties. And 2 pairs of wedges!

*Beams* I should probably take a photo of my loots …

I had to literally SWIM through the crowd to get to the cashier. That’s the thing about having the biggest shoe brand in Singapore hold a warehouse sale, offering past season shoes up to 70% off. To think I felt smart to be there at 10am (official opening hour) on the first day of sale… apparently I have over estimated my intelligence.

Anyway! I am really into wedges of late. I have absolutely no clue why I am so obsessed with them!

Hmm, well, maybe because they are

1)    They are a whole lot more comfy than >3inches heels and stilettos

2)    They can be easy to match with

3)    It brings the phrase comfy-in-heels to a whole new level

Plus! While wedges may not have been all THAT popular at the moment, however I believe its upcoming trend here in SG.

I see it taking us SGshoeaholics by stomp. Trust me.

The designs are getting bolder and wilder by the minute! It’s bloody awesome! Cannot stand it!

I wanna show you some of Jeffrey Campbell’s (JC) latest designs I happen to stumble upon… and I tell you, I. am. in. LOVE.

This beauty #1 is also known as JC TICK.

Like, how chio!!! Goodness!!! Love the simplicity of it, love the material (leather!), perfect heel height. Basically there is nothing NOT to love about this. If you disagree with me then you’re missing out on something that could bring you from zero to hero. So there.

Same JC TICK but in a lot more edgy design. Studs have been in Singapore for quite a while, I mean just look at those studded gladiators, studded pumps, studded whatever. It’s boring to me and it’s literally everywhere.

Just look at this baby. Gives a total new meaning & feel to studs, doesn’t it? *nods*

A few more drool-worthy from JC!

If not for the mad ass shipping as well as the retail prices (They cost approx 150 – 250 freaking US dollars can!) … I swear I’d buy them all! 😦

I’ll promise to wear different pairs on different days and repeat the cycle since they’re all perfect for whichever occasion in my life possible. Sigh, I’m sold. When will they ever be mine?

Pic credits to – Solestruck, Jeffrey Campbell


I usually don’t really bother much about all that Hollywood fashion at the annual Oscars award, because

1)    Their dresses are most often than not, OTT (over the top) and WTL (way too long) for my liking. I mean, I don’t really see much Singaporeans THAT dressed up for big shot events. Or perhaps, Hollywood style can never be Singaporean style (applies for both gowns & shoes) cos you’d just get weird ass and (cold hard) stares from random people. That’s really typical of Singaporeans. Please say you agree with me.

Then again, maybe I’m just a frog living in a well… Anyway I have pictures for proof! May I present to you the best dressed ladies whose shoes can’t be seen at all:

2)    I would like to see more of their shoes, but tough luck cos of their WTL gowns tend to cover those lovelies. Maybe that’s why they are called GOWNS, they GO way DOWN lol

3)    Uhm.. Ok so maybe I just don’t give 2 hoots about it. Enough said!

BUT. This time round I spotted a close up shot of Carey Mulligan’s (I admit I don’t really know know her) dress on several fashion sites, Refinery29 and Perez to name a few, it was just, WOW DAMN CHIO.

Do I see tiny forks, spoons and various kitchen utensils!? How CUTE. Creative to the max, Prada! Good job!

Hyperventilate now!! I also want this dress will someone please get it for me! Check it out!

Okay so maybe I am bias, cos I am mad crazy about embellishments!

Adore her heels btw – simple, classy and totally the perfect fit with her omgwthitsdamnchio Prada dress! Although technically it isn’t a very clear shot of the heels, but hey this is exactly what I mean by your shoes are meant to rock your outfit 🙂 You JUST KNOW that it makes shoe sense.

Hm a random thought, but this is actually great for some shoe design inspiration.. Wouldn’t it be great if ever, one day, I manage to get someone to manufacture a pair of heels with utensils embellishments, just like this Prada number? Can’t really imagine how it’d look like but… I will definitely buy it for sure and make it mine since I am such a hardcore embellishment freak! So that people will go gaga over my heels. Heh heh *swoons*

That’s what I call, EXCLUSIVITY!! 🙂



Pic Credits to – Style Rookie, R29, PopSugar