High socks with shoes? You think?

March 24, 2010

While browsing through some shoe blogs, I saw some images of runway shoes that got my attention… for the wrong reasons.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010

I just don’t get the socks with heels trend. Do you like it? I don’t!

It is just plain weird and awkward! Plus those socks look thick.. what happens if my shoe fits me just nicely and no more room left for the thick socks?

Maybe in Europe/USA people find this acceptable but I doubt Singaporeans will agree. If you wear your shoes this way you’ll prolly get stared at on the streets, for the wrong reasons of course.

But I am not saying Singaporeans CANNOT pull off this trend. Some can, I think. But it depends because everybody’s look is subject to perspective. And since everyone has an opinion on everything…

I saw this look on LookBook, thought it was pretty decent. She could carry off this high socks with shoes.. mm, not too bad.You can check out her other looks via the link.

Quirky, yes. Cute, yes (the hat made the look cute). I won’t say the shoes made the outfit, but yeah, pretty decent.

Ok I am guessing students from LaSelle and NAFA has already tried this look and I believe I am right. Whether or not they managed to pull it off… Well, haven’t seen any on the streets who could. But then again not many are trying this look out to start with…

Long story short, I guess you got to have the right physique & apparel to even want to try this look here in Singapore. Else, you’re just gonna be talk of the town man!



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