Lacey stuff from Valentino

March 23, 2010

I think designer shoes are pretty. Well, some of them. Ain’t a big fan though, cos their prices are just wayyyyyyyyyyyy too high.

Then again, that’s why they are called designer shoes. The branding really does make a difference huh.

Honestly I am not all that exposed to all that designer runway shoes, am still learning about their design range from season to season. Here’s something I stumbled upon from Valentino’s Ready to Wear 2010 Collection (my first time looking at Valentino’s range btw!) – although I am not a super big fan of lace, I still think its mad ass chio so I wanted to share it!

Those embellishments look pretty coral-shaped, like those you find in Nemo’s nest!

Looks kinda flimsy on the runway and it kinda looks like seaweed don’t you think? But still, very pretty… especially the beige one, only because I am into nude shades recently lol.

Picture below is the retail version of it, and it’s called the Sculpture Lace Pump.

BUT. One big setback – it cost freaking USD4,700!!??

Well yes, erm, the shoe is really pretty but I definitely won’t pay near USD5k for that! Totally out of the question please!

Source: Shoeblog


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