Wedgie Talk

March 11, 2010

I’m super pleased with my purchases at Charles and Keith annual warehouse sale today! I know it’s probably not the latest look, but I managed to get a pair of nude brown suede low-cut booties. And 2 pairs of wedges!

*Beams* I should probably take a photo of my loots …

I had to literally SWIM through the crowd to get to the cashier. That’s the thing about having the biggest shoe brand in Singapore hold a warehouse sale, offering past season shoes up to 70% off. To think I felt smart to be there at 10am (official opening hour) on the first day of sale… apparently I have over estimated my intelligence.

Anyway! I am really into wedges of late. I have absolutely no clue why I am so obsessed with them!

Hmm, well, maybe because they are

1)    They are a whole lot more comfy than >3inches heels and stilettos

2)    They can be easy to match with

3)    It brings the phrase comfy-in-heels to a whole new level

Plus! While wedges may not have been all THAT popular at the moment, however I believe its upcoming trend here in SG.

I see it taking us SGshoeaholics by stomp. Trust me.

The designs are getting bolder and wilder by the minute! It’s bloody awesome! Cannot stand it!

I wanna show you some of Jeffrey Campbell’s (JC) latest designs I happen to stumble upon… and I tell you, I. am. in. LOVE.

This beauty #1 is also known as JC TICK.

Like, how chio!!! Goodness!!! Love the simplicity of it, love the material (leather!), perfect heel height. Basically there is nothing NOT to love about this. If you disagree with me then you’re missing out on something that could bring you from zero to hero. So there.

Same JC TICK but in a lot more edgy design. Studs have been in Singapore for quite a while, I mean just look at those studded gladiators, studded pumps, studded whatever. It’s boring to me and it’s literally everywhere.

Just look at this baby. Gives a total new meaning & feel to studs, doesn’t it? *nods*

A few more drool-worthy from JC!

If not for the mad ass shipping as well as the retail prices (They cost approx 150 – 250 freaking US dollars can!) … I swear I’d buy them all! 😦

I’ll promise to wear different pairs on different days and repeat the cycle since they’re all perfect for whichever occasion in my life possible. Sigh, I’m sold. When will they ever be mine?

Pic credits to – Solestruck, Jeffrey Campbell



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