Utensils embellishments?! Mad genius!

March 9, 2010

I usually don’t really bother much about all that Hollywood fashion at the annual Oscars award, because

1)    Their dresses are most often than not, OTT (over the top) and WTL (way too long) for my liking. I mean, I don’t really see much Singaporeans THAT dressed up for big shot events. Or perhaps, Hollywood style can never be Singaporean style (applies for both gowns & shoes) cos you’d just get weird ass and (cold hard) stares from random people. That’s really typical of Singaporeans. Please say you agree with me.

Then again, maybe I’m just a frog living in a well… Anyway I have pictures for proof! May I present to you the best dressed ladies whose shoes can’t be seen at all:

2)    I would like to see more of their shoes, but tough luck cos of their WTL gowns tend to cover those lovelies. Maybe that’s why they are called GOWNS, they GO way DOWN lol

3)    Uhm.. Ok so maybe I just don’t give 2 hoots about it. Enough said!

BUT. This time round I spotted a close up shot of Carey Mulligan’s (I admit I don’t really know know her) dress on several fashion sites, Refinery29 and Perez to name a few, it was just, WOW DAMN CHIO.

Do I see tiny forks, spoons and various kitchen utensils!? How CUTE. Creative to the max, Prada! Good job!

Hyperventilate now!! I also want this dress will someone please get it for me! Check it out!

Okay so maybe I am bias, cos I am mad crazy about embellishments!

Adore her heels btw – simple, classy and totally the perfect fit with her omgwthitsdamnchio Prada dress! Although technically it isn’t a very clear shot of the heels, but hey this is exactly what I mean by your shoes are meant to rock your outfit 🙂 You JUST KNOW that it makes shoe sense.

Hm a random thought, but this is actually great for some shoe design inspiration.. Wouldn’t it be great if ever, one day, I manage to get someone to manufacture a pair of heels with utensils embellishments, just like this Prada number? Can’t really imagine how it’d look like but… I will definitely buy it for sure and make it mine since I am such a hardcore embellishment freak! So that people will go gaga over my heels. Heh heh *swoons*

That’s what I call, EXCLUSIVITY!! 🙂



Pic Credits to – Style Rookie, R29, PopSugar


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